Sunday, August 26, 2007

What WE Are About!

Informed Empowered Connected

Radio Personality & Author Nikki Woods And Author Tonya Shirelle “Presents” A Million Women Strong ........

A Million Women Strong is an organization designed to inform, empower, and connect women across the globe.

This organization will encompass the key components needed to equip women to being the best that they can be in the new millennium.

Knowledge is power and in our increasingly busy lives, we need all of the power we can get. We will address real issues and provide real solutions.

We will have the best experts on hand and when you need to relax, the best literature. We will laugh together, cry together and attack the issues and diseases which try to bring us down.

When you join
A Million Women Strong you will be issued your own number. Your number will remain active as long as you do.

We will share stories, allow you to vent on our blog, and do all that we can to empower you and support you…..
A Million Women Strong!

Send an email with your contact information to and become part of a movementA Million Women Strong!

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