Wednesday, October 31, 2007


DETROIT, Mich.- The co-founders of A Million Women Strong have announced the creation of a new company – Independent Xpression – created to provide quality publishing services to writers and give a voice to the stories of women. Independent Xpression is a subsidiary company of Infinite Xpression – an established publishing company.

“There are a plethora of self publishing opportunities in the publishing arena. An author should research those opportunities and make wise choices. Every self publishing opportunity is not beneficial to an author. Independent Xpression gives the author a fighting chance at being successful in fulfilling their dream,” says AMWS co-founder, publisher and author, Tonya Shirelle.

Independent Xpression will serve as the catalyst for your editorial, production, marketing and distribution capabilities to complete your book project. Although recognizing that each project will have its own needs, the services Independent Xpression provides are designed to meet the general needs in order to get your book to print.

“Every woman is powerful in her own way, but together, a million women can overcome nearly any obstacle,” said Nikki Woods, organization co-founder, author and publisher. “And every woman has a unique voice with a story to tell. The marriage between AMWS and Independent Xpression is the perfect way to showcase the strength and inspiration of women.”

By providing the support and infrastructure necessary to accomplish the goal of getting your book to print, Independent Xpression helps aspiring authors fulfill their dream of being published with the assistance of a proven publisher.

About Infinite Xpression Publishing
Infinite Xpression Publishing is a dynamic provider of quality literary works from traditionally underserved authors across the country. The company strives to provide a proactive voice for aspiring and established authors. Infinite Xpression is committed to developing the social, intellectual and creative minds of its authors and readers. To find out more about the publishing services offered by Independent Xpression or Infinite Xpression Publishing, visit the company’s website at

About A Million Women Strong
A Million Women Strong is an organization designed to inform, empower, and connect women across the globe. This organization will encompass the key components needed to equip women to being the best that they can be in the new millennium by addressing real issues and providing real solutions. Send an email with your contact information to and become part of a movement … A Million Women Strong!

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